Finished: 1930s Inspired Halloween Dress


I'm a little behind with updating my blogs, but today I want to share the dress I made for Halloween with you. Since carnaval started yesterday I took the opportunity to write this blogpost and share my Halloween dress :P

When I thought about organising a Halloween party at my place I wanted to go for a witchy kind of look and was inspired with the velvet dresses from the 1930s. I love the long sleek silhouette and the sleeves of these dresses. 

With the help of my sewing teacher I drafted my own pattern. I bought a very cheap velour fabric to make a muslin and started to search for fabric for the real dress. But I never get to make the 'real'dress because I didn't have enough time and I really liked how my muslin turned out. You wouldn't believe I only spent like 10 euro's on material for this dress!

The upper part of the skirt is quite figure hugging and in the lower part I added four godets to give it some more flare and a wider range of motion. 

Since this is a muslin there are still a few alterations I would like to make if I would make this dress agains. First of all the train on the back of the skirt could have been made a bit bigger. I would have made a facing for the opening in the sleeves, now I just fold the seam allowance to the inside and used a invisible stitch to hem the seams. But the gap is quite wide and it will show the inside of the fabric. 

I didn't want to add a withc hat, instead I made a headband with some fake flowers. The sash I borrowd from another dress I made years ago. 

When I have enough budget I would love to buy reall silk velvet and make this dress again!


Finished: Forest Dress Vogue 8766

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Last year I fell in love with the forest panel print fabric and bought 3 pieces. It's a very soft jogging fabric. The pattern I used is a mix of Vogue 8766 (bodice and sleeves) and a vintage pattern from the 40s (skirt) which I used to make this dress.

I initially planned to make this dress before autumn, but I was a bit too occupied with other sewing projects I will blog about later. 

I'm really glad with how this dress turned out. I made some small alterations like omitting the darts in the sleeve head. Instead I decided to gather the sleeve cap. I tried the darts, but they became very pointy. The gathers give a better shape to the sleeve head. As always I added some length to the bodice, skirt and sleeves and took in the side seams at bust level. 

As decoration a I added two dark green buttons at the Center Front. The zipper is in the side seam, hand picked and lapped. I sewed the hem by hand with an invisible stitch. I don't really like machine stitched visible hems. And with a good series to watch it isn't that bad to do some handsewing. 

I already wore the dress and it's sooo warm and comfy! Maybe I'm going to take it with me to my trip to Iceland in March :D